What is on today's google homepage - Mountain Day 2022

Google Doodle Celebrating Mountain Day 2022

What is on today's google homepage - Mountain Day 2022

Today's Doodle, illustrated by Japan-based guest artist Kouhei Miyazaki, commemorates Japan's Mountain Day. While the country is a pioneer in technological innovation, it also has thousands of acres of breathtaking mountains, hot springs, and over 100 volcanoes. Since the beginning of this holiday in 2016, people have left the urban jungle on this day each year to experience Japan's natural treasures.

With mountains covering over 70% of Japan's geography, city dwellers don't have to travel far to enjoy the great outdoors. The tallest peak in Japan is located 60 miles outside of Tokyo. Mount Fuji, which stands more than 12,000 feet tall, is a stratovolcano—a high, conical mountain formed by multiple layers of solidified lava and tephra.

Mount Aso, one of Japan's most active volcanoes, may also appeal to thrill seekers. Aso, located in the country's south, is home to a stunning 600-meter-diameter crater. Gentle vapour emanates from the crater's lime green lagoon when volcanic activity is minimal.

Those who want to unwind in nature might visit one of Japan's famed hot spring facilities (onsens), some of which are heated by subsurface volcanic activity.

Happy Mountain Day to everyone in Japan! We hope your time in nature leaves you feeling at your peak.

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