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What is a medical certificate?

  • A medical certificate, often known as a doctor's certificate, is a written declaration from a physician or another medically certified health care professional attesting to the outcome of a patient's medical examination. It can be used as a sick note or as proof of a medical condition. It is much more than that for dance tests.

How to obtain medical certificate?

  • The report should be based on evidence known to the doctor. The certificate may include information given by the patient, but any medical comments must be based on the doctor's observations or identify the factual basis of such claims.

Who can give medical certificate?

  • Any recognized doctor can do this job, for example, every doctor has a seal with a registration number, however most government physicians have this number, thus it is best to go through a government doctor.

Where can i find the medical certificate format?

  • You can download the copy from our website or the respective website as per the format which is prescribed as per the requirement.

What format we can give the medical certificate?

  • You can download the format of the medical certificate and fill in the details and visit the doctor to get is certified.  Once you have certificate, you can scan the copy and send it through email or attach to the website.  There are also in places you need to handover the hardcopy to the respective people, department

Various Department Medical Certificate format

Disclaimer - The format provided is very generic and there could changes the format is changed.  We advise you to check the updated format with respective department.