Latest about Goa Feni Price List

Check out the Latest Feni price list and some kick of History of it

Latest about Goa Feni Price List

Goa is India's tiniest state, yet its famed beaches, lively culture, and delectable cuisine have made it a tourist hotspot. Feni, a spirit distilled from cashew fruit or coconut, is one of Goa's most beloved libations. Feni, with its distinctive flavor, plays a significant role in Goan tradition. This blog will focus on Feni, examining its origins, manufacturing, and consumer market.

History of Goa Feni

The Goan people have been enjoying feni for decades, if not centuries. Production of Feni was first documented after the arrival of the Portuguese in Goa in the 16th century. The natives of Goa learned how to distill Feni from cashew and coconut fruits thanks to the Portuguese, who brought with them the distillation technique. Goans have mastered the distillation process over the years, and today Feni is an essential component of Goan culture.

Production of Feni

Traditional methods of distillation use the fermentation of either cashew fruit or coconut sap to create feni. Gathering cashew fruits or toddy from coconut palms is the first step in producing Feni. Fruits are crushed to obtain juice, which is then combined with water and yeast to initiate fermentation. Bhanns, copper pots heated over a wood fire, are used to distill the fermented juice. The alcohol is distilled off from the water and collected as a clear liquid after the operation.

Distillation is a sensitive process that calls for a high level of expertise. The distiller's talent and the quality of the ingredients utilized determine the final product's quality. Alcohol content in Feni can be anywhere from 40% to 45%, and it takes around three days to prepare a batch.

Varieties of Feni

In Goa, you may get both cashew Feni and coconut Feni. The cashew variety of Feni is distilled from cashew fruit juice, while the coconut variety is fermented from coconut palm sap. When given the choice between cashew and coconut Feni, most people choose for the former.

Cashew Feni smells and tastes unique due to its combination of fruity and nutty notes. Coconut Feni, which is sweeter, is frequently used as a cocktail mixer.

Price of Feni

Feni DrinkFeni Price
De Franca Luxury Premium Cashew Feni 700ml₹1,999.00
Goaah Fenny Cinemon Infused 750ml₹1,200.00
Volando Premium Cashew Feni 750ml₹850.00
Aani Ek Honey + Cinnamon Feni 750ml₹750.00
Aani Ek Chilli Feni 750ml₹750.00
Aani Ek Limon Feni 750ml₹750.00
Tito”s Spirits Cashew Feni 750ml₹600.00
Big Boss Coconut Fenny 750ml₹450.00
Big Boss Cashew Fenny 750ml₹450.00
Patrao Premium Coconut Fenny 750ML₹400.00
Patrao Premium Cashew Fenny 750ML₹400.00
Big Boss Coconut Fenny 25ml₹70.00
Big Boss Cashew Fenny 25ml₹70.00

Consumption of Feni

Feni can be enjoyed on its own, or with a splash of lime and soda. In addition to being a staple in many Goan dishes, it also finds a home in drinks. It is not advisable to preserve feni for extended periods of time before consuming it. Because of its high alcohol level, Feni should be consumed with caution.

Overall, Feni represents a singular spirit that is crucial to Goan tradition. Its unique flavor and perfume have made it a favorite among both foreigners and natives. Have some Feni while you're in Goa to get a real sense of the local cuisine. Nonetheless, temperance and responsible drinking are crucial.