Today's Liquor Price in Mumbai

Liquor Prices in Mumbai: Know the price limits of Alcohol in Mumbai | मुंबईतील दारूच्या किमती: मुंबईत दारूच्या किमतीची मर्यादा जाणून घ्या

Maharashtra Often referred to as "the city of dreams," Mumbai is a vibrant metropolis in India. Getting together for a few drinks with locals is a common pastime in the city. However, many locals and tourists in Mumbai are unsure of how much various kinds of liquor cost. Let's look at the alcohol market in Mumbai and give you an idea of how much various brands of alcohol typically cost there.

To begin, it's critical to understand that the costs of liquor beverages in Mumbai change not just with the sort of liquor but also with the specific retailer. The price of alcoholic beverages in Mumbai is often greater than in other regions of India. This is because selling alcoholic beverages in the city is extremely expensive due to hefty taxes and other fees. In contrast, the suburbs and select Mumbai districts are where you'll find the lowest prices on booze.

Latest Liquor Price in Mumbai (costliest to cheapest) | मुंबई में आज की शराब की कीमत

Liquor Brand NameNew Price
JW Blue label Whisky₹28,000.00
Royal Salute 21 Whisky₹23,000.00
Glenlivet 18 yrs Whisky₹18,400.00
Glenfiddich 18 yrs Whisky₹15,500.00
Glenfiddich Project XX Whisky₹13,200.00
Macallan 12 yrs Whisky₹12,900.00
Glenfiddich IPA Whisky₹12,500.00
Chivas Regal 18 yrs Whisky₹12,000.00
Glenlivet 15 yrs Whisky₹10,900.00
Glenfiddich 15 yrs Whisky₹10,090.00
Clynelish Whisky₹10,000.00
Coal ila Whisky₹10,000.00
Dalwhinnie Whisky₹9,000.00
JW Gold label Whisky₹9,000.00
Glenkinchie Whisky₹8,500.00
JW Green label Whisky₹8,500.00
Glenmorangie Whisky₹7,470.00
Talisker Whisky₹7,250.00
Glenlivet 12 yrs Whisky₹7,200.00
Singleton Whisky₹7,200.00
Glenfiddich 12 yrs Whisky₹6,700.00
JW White Walker Whisky₹6,600.00
Ciroc Vodka₹6,500.00
Grey goose Vodka₹6,500.00
Hendricks Gin₹6,360.00
Belvedere Vodka₹6,200.00
Botanist Gin₹6,100.00
JW Double Black Whisky₹6,100.00
Gentleman Jack Whisky₹6,090.00
Monkey Shoulder Whisky₹5,850.00
Beluga Vodka₹5,600.00
Chivas Regal Whisky₹5,500.00
JW Black label Whisky₹5,500.00
Hennessy Brandy₹5,270.00
Jack Daniels Whisky₹4,450.00
Amrut Amalgam Whisky₹4,100.00
Teachers 12 yrs Whisky₹4,080.00
St Remy Brandy₹3,900.00
Chivas Regal (12 years old) Blended Scotch Whisky₹3,850.00
Johnny Walker Black Label Blended Scotch Whisky₹3,750.00
Black & White 12 yrs Whisky₹3,540.00
100 pipers 12 yrs Whisky₹3,500.00
Jameson Irish Whisky₹3,500.00
Ketel one Vodka₹3,500.00
Teachers Origin Whisky₹3,420.00
Blenders pride 2 Ltr Whisky₹3,350.00
Tanqueray Gin₹3,300.00
Black & White 1 Ltr Whisky₹3,250.00
Bombay sapphire Gin₹3,230.00
Red label red rye limited Whisky₹3,220.00
Hapusa Gin₹3,200.00
Teachers 50 Whisky₹3,080.00
Absolut Citron Vodka₹3,000.00
Absolut Lime Vodka₹3,000.00
Absolut Mandrin Vodka₹3,000.00
Absolut raspberry Vodka₹3,000.00
Black Dog Gold Res Whisky₹2,950.00
Paul John Whisky₹2,950.00
Absolut plain Vodka₹2,900.00
Ballentine’s finest Whisky₹2,900.00
J&B rare Whisky₹2,900.00
Jim Beam Whisky₹2,760.00
Gordon’s Gin₹2,700.00
Dewars Whisky₹2,550.00
100 pipers Whisky₹2,500.00
Black & White 750ml Whisky₹2,500.00
Jameson Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey₹2,500.00
Rosella gold (Uzbekistan) Vodka₹2,500.00
Teachers Highland Whisky₹2,500.00
Black Dog Centenary Whisky₹2,400.00
Highland Queen Whisky₹2,350.00
Vat 69 Whisky₹2,300.00
William lawsons Whisky₹2,300.00
Blantyre Finest Blended Scotch Whisky₹2,100.00
J&B Rare Blended Scotch Whiskey₹2,100.00
Cabo Coconut rum Rum₹2,000.00
Johnny Walker Red Label Blended Scotch Whisky₹1,950.00
Smrinoff plain 1 Ltr Vodka₹1,900.00
Antiquity Blue 1 Ltr Whisky₹1,800.00
Blenders pride 1 Ltr Whisky₹1,700.00
Jordans London Dry Gin₹1,650.00
Signature 1 Ltr Whisky₹1,630.00
Greater than Gin₹1,550.00
Smrinoff Apple Vodka₹1,550.00
Smrinoff Espresso Vodka₹1,550.00
Smrinoff orange Vodka₹1,550.00
Rockford Reserve Whisky₹1,500.00
Smrinoff plain Vodka₹1,500.00
Bacardi White Rum₹1,490.00
Bacardi Limon Rum₹1,475.00
Mc Dowell’s no. 1 2 Ltr Whisky₹1,455.00
Blenders pride reserve Whisky₹1,450.00
Antiquity Blue 750ml Whisky₹1,400.00
Signature Premium Whisky₹1,340.00
Blenders Pride 750ml Whisky₹1,300.00
Peter scot Whisky₹1,300.00
Signature 750 ml Whisky₹1,300.00
Old monk legend Rum₹1,150.00
Royal challenge 1 Ltr Whisky₹1,090.00
Mansion house brandy₹900.00
Royal stag 1 Ltr Whisky₹880.00
Royal Stag Barrel Whisky₹850.00
Royal challenge 750ml Whisky₹840.00
Mc Dowell’s no. 1 1 Ltr Whisky₹765.00
Magic moments Apple Vodka₹760.00
Old monk gold Rum₹750.00
Magic moments plain Vodka₹720.00
DSP Black 1 Ltr Whisky₹710.00
Clock tower Apple Vodka₹700.00
Mc Dowell’s platinum Whisky₹680.00
Royal stag 750ml Whisky₹680.00
Bagpiper 1 Ltr Whisky₹660.00
DSP regular 1 Ltr Whisky₹660.00
Old Monk 1 Ltr Rum₹660.00
Bacardi Black Rum₹600.00
Captain Morgan Rum₹600.00
Mc Dowell’s No.1 750ml Whisky₹600.00
Blue riband Gin₹560.00
DSP Black 750ml Whisky₹560.00
Imperial Blue Whisky₹560.00
Mc Dowell’s Luxury Whisky₹560.00
Bagpiper 750ml Whisky₹520.00
DSP regular 750ml Whisky₹520.00
Mc Dowell’s rum Rum₹520.00
Old monk 750ml Rum₹520.00
Asahi Japanese Beer₹360.00
Affligem Beer₹330.00
Hopper wit Beer₹250.00
Budweiser Magnum 650ml Beer₹230.00
Oaksmith silver 180ml Whisky₹210.00
Budweiser mild 650ml Beer₹195.00
Heineken 650ml Beer₹195.00
Bira White 500 ml can Beer₹190.00
Corona Extra Beer₹190.00
Budweiser Magnum 500ml Beer₹185.00
KF ultra 650ml Beer₹185.00
Carlsberg Elephant 650ml Beer₹180.00
Dia White wine cans Beer₹180.00
Carlsberg Smooth 650ml Beer₹175.00
Simba Stout Beer₹175.00
White owl spike 500ml Beer₹170.00
Bira Blonde 500ml can Beer₹165.00
Budweiser mild 500ml Beer₹165.00
KF Strong 650ml Beer₹165.00
Tuborg strong 650ml Beer₹165.00
Bira Boom 650ml Beer₹160.00
Heineken 500ml Beer₹160.00
KF Premium 650ml Beer₹160.00
Tuborg Mild 650ml Beer₹160.00
Bira White 330 ml pint Beer₹140.00
Carlsberg Elephant 500ml Beer₹140.00
Carlsberg Smooth 500ml Beer₹140.00
LP Strong 650ml Beer₹140.00
Simba Wit Beer₹140.00
Budweiser mild 330ml Beer₹130.00
Hayward’s 2000 650ml Beer₹130.00
Heineken 330ml Beer₹130.00
KF Premium 500ml can Beer₹125.00
KF strong 500 ml can Beer₹125.00
LP Mild 650ml Beer₹125.00
Tuborg mild 500ml Beer₹125.00
Tuborg Strong 500ml Beer₹125.00
Bira Blonde 330ml pint Beer₹120.00
KF ultra 330ml pint Beer₹120.00
White owl spark 330ml Beer₹120.00
Hayward’s 2000 500ml Beer₹100.00
KF Premium 330ml can Beer₹100.00
Tuborg mild 330ml pint Beer₹100.00

Beer is one of the more reasonably priced alcoholic beverages in Mumbai.  Beer at a bar or restaurant, however, often costs substantially more, anything from INR 200 to INR 400 for a pint. Wine is also reasonably priced in Mumbai, with local wines starting at INR 400 and international wines starting at INR 600. Wine, like beer, is significantly more expensive when purchased at a bar or restaurant.

The costliest alcoholic beverages in Mumbai are often spirits like whisky, rum, and gin. A bottle of whisky can cost anywhere from INR 1,000 to INR 5,000, with the price fluctuating based on the whiskey's brand and age. The cheapest bottles of rum and gin cost around INR a thousand.

The price of alcohol in Mumbai varies with both the sort of liquor and the place where it is purchased. While the cost of a drink may be more in Mumbai than in other regions of India, you may be able to get a good deal in some neighbourhoods. Avoid drinking at pubs and restaurants in favour of buying your alcohol from a local shop if you want to save money. If you know how much a drink would set you back in Mumbai, you'll be able to make more informed decisions about how much money you want to spend on drinks with your companions.